Edna Hochstetler

GreenfieldPuppy’s.com from Ohio sell’s parasite infested puppies! They sold me a Aussiepoo puppy with Giardia a parasite infestation that has cost well over $1300 and continues to this day bought on Dec. 6 2023 today is Feb 2 2024. Edna Hochstetler, the woman who my dog was not the breeder. She never told me that she was not the breeder and sells dogs for a guy who can’t use the internet because of his religion. His name is Atlee A Swartzentruber who does not abide by contract or return calls from any of the above organizations. Also got Cedar Creek Vet to falsify records saying my puppy is in 100% great health. The OHIO deputy department are protecting them. They called me, not to get my side or ask to see any paperwork but to say Atlee has never sold a puppy in his life. Tho I have 2 pieces of paperwork with his signature. Greenfield puppy website says it has a gold star shirt ch is a false disclaimer. Also add Edna Hochstetler from Lancaster Puppies’s to list as well as Buckeye puppies. They’ve given me misinformation false identity..