Welcome to Rate Your Dog Breeder

Welcome to RateYourDogBreeder.com This site was created to help educate people looking to purchase a puppy. The internet is a huge marketplace for puppy sellers and it is very hard to know who you are dealing with. There are thousands of breeders selling puppies online. In addition, there are puppy broker websites that bring together thousands of puppy sellers on one website as well as thousands of breeders selling on the internet, Facebook, Instagram and others social media platforms.  Golden Retriever Puppy

This site can be used as a reference only. Please do your homework before buying a puppy. Unless you see for yourself where your puppy was born, there is no way of knowing where it is coming from. We advise you to pick up your new puppy in person, at the location where the dogs live. Meet the mother dog and see where she and all of the other dogs live. If your breeder will not let you see where the dogs live…find a new breeder. No excuses. Responsible breeders have nothing to hide.

If you are looking for information about a breeder, or would like to see a list of the breeders already rated by puppy buyers, please see the review page to learn more.

If you have already purchased a puppy and would like to help educate others about your experience, please create an account to rate your dog breeder. Your information will help others do their homework. Thank you for helping to educate others.