Windy Acres Puppy Adoption

Breeder Information

Breeder's Name:   Randall Mast

Breeder's Address:   1402 E. 100 North Rd

Breeder's City:   Atwood

Breeder's State:   illinois

Kennel Name:   Windy Acres Puppy Adoption

Breeder's Email Address:

Breeder's Phone Number:   2177229615

Breeder Website

USDA #:   33-B-0441

How did you find your breeder?   other

If found another way, how?   Searching the web for Illinois puppy

Found through other Broker Website:   I found out he is a USDA broker

Social Media URL:   No

Puppy Information

Date of Purchase:   2021-01-21

Breed:   Mini Bernese Mt Dog

Age:   9 weeks

How was your puppy delivered to you?   other

Other Delivery Method:   Picked up puppy but not at breeders home

Would the breeder let you meet the mother dog?   no

Would the breeder let you see where all of his dogs live?   no

How many breeding dogs did the breeder have?   I was not allowed to see where my puppy came from

Was your puppy healthy?   no

Did you receive the correct puppy?   yes

Did your puppy come with vet records?   yes

Did your puppy come with a health guarantee?   yes

Would you purchase a puppy from this breeder again?   no

Breeder Rating:   1

Additional Comments

Windy Acres Puppy Adoption is Amish puppy broker. We found his information online and he has a USDA broker number. Our puppy was brought to his location where we picked it up but we were not able to see the mother dog or where our puppy came from. He called the dogs “stock” as in breeding stock as if they were just money makers. Looking back, this is not a place we would get a dog from again ever. Our puppy was sick with giardia. It seems to be a front for puppy mills and other Amish breeders.