Stephanie Williams

Breeder's Address:   Unsure

Breeder's City:   Irvington

Breeder's State:   kentucky

Kennel Name:   Red Moon Kennels

Breeder's Email Address:   NA

Breeder's Phone Number:   Unknown

Breeder Website

USDA #:   NA

How did you find your breeder?   social_media

If found another way, how?   FACEBOOK

If found through a broker's website, which one?   none_of_the_above

Found through other Broker Website:   LSN ( Local sales network)

If found through social media, which one?:   facebook

Puppy Information

Date of Purchase:   2022-01-09

Breed:   Morkie

Age:   6 weeks

How was your puppy delivered to you?   met_in_a_parking_lot

Other Delivery Method:   Breeder would not allow at her home

Would the breeder let you meet the mother dog?   no

Would the breeder let you see where all of his dogs live?   no

How many breeding dogs did the breeder have?   10

Was your puppy healthy?   no

Did you receive the correct puppy?   yes

Did your puppy come with vet records?   yes

   Additional Comments:   Very little information was provided

Did your puppy come with a health guarantee?   no

Would you purchase a puppy from this breeder again?   no

Breeder Rating:   1

Additional Comments

After being concerned about our puppy and doing some research on the breeder, I found out this dog breeder Stephanie Williams has animal cruelty charges in the state of Kentucky. Unless you want to spend $1000 of medical bills I would not advise pursuing business or buying a puppy from this dog breeder.