Barbara Johnson

Breeder Information

Breeder's Name:   Barbara Johnson

Breeder's Address:   345 Helen Young Dr

Breeder's City:   Linwood

Breeder's State:   north_carolina

Kennel Name:   Johnson K9s

How did you find your breeder?   website

If found another way, how?   on line through Good Dog

If found through a broker's website, which one?   none_of_the_above

Found through other Broker Website:   Good dog

If found through social media, which one?:   none_of_the_above

Social Media URL:   Good dog

Puppy Information

Date of Purchase:   2023-10-30

Breed:   German Shepherd

Age:   8 weeks

How was your puppy delivered to you?   picked_up_at_breeder's_home

Would the breeder let you meet the mother dog?   yes

Would the breeder let you see where all of his dogs live?   no

   Additional Comments:   she lives in a trailer and had fencing all around and you couldn't see any dogs not even the siblings of the one I purchased.

Did the breeder list other breeders for sale?    no

How many breeding dogs did the breeder have?   not sure but i know she had 2 litters one after the other with 2 different dams

Was your puppy healthy?   yes

   Additional Comments:   Pup appeared healthy, but upon pick up I was advised of a hernia. felt this should have been disclosed before I drove 2.5 hours

Did you receive the correct puppy?   yes

   Additional Comments:   Has a contract 2 pages long with every possible scenario she must have encountered. Breeder only gives a blank copy of contract not a copy of what you sign. That should have been 1st red flag.

Did your puppy come with vet records?   yes

   Additional Comments:   hernia was noted

Did your puppy come with a health guarantee?   yes

   Additional Comments:   so she said , but further investigating showed she is breeding females that have DJD of elbows and keeps you deposit.

Would you purchase a puppy from this breeder again?   no

   Additional Comments:   Breeder couldnt offer replacement pup because both dams are affected with joint disease. My pup was returned only to be re sold

Breeder Rating:   1

Additional Comments

Dog breeder Barbara Johnson stated her husband said to give me my money back for the pup since she could give me what I was looking for. All I wanted is a dog that came from a genetic free dam & sire which she could not produce and kept my hefty deposit. Since then she has re sold the pup making more money on her and she continues to breed her defective dogs that have the possibility of passing along these genetic defects. Breeding practices should not be accepted. I filed a complaint with the AKC, but doubt anyone will care. This is truly unacceptable breeding practices.