Elizabeth Baughman

Breeder's Address:   10262 N State Road 3

Breeder's City:   KENDALLVILLE

Breeder's State:   indiana

Kennel Name:   Yorkies kisses

Breeder's Email Address:   bethabrb@gmail.com

Breeder's Phone Number:   12604581170

How did you find your breeder?   website

If found through a broker's website, which one?   none_of_the_above

If found through social media, which one?:   none_of_the_above

Puppy Information

Date of Purchase:   2021-09-22

Breed:   Yorkshire Terrier

Age:   12 weeks

How was your puppy delivered to you?   picked_up_at_breeder's_home

Would the breeder let you meet the mother dog?   yes

Would the breeder let you see where all of his dogs live?   yes

Did the breeder list other breeders for sale?    no

How many breeding dogs did the breeder have?   4

Was your puppy healthy?   yes

Did you receive the correct puppy?   yes

Did your puppy come with vet records?   yes

Did your puppy come with a health guarantee?   yes

Would you purchase a puppy from this breeder again?   yes

Breeder Rating:   5

Additional Comments

This breeder is amazing. She titled all her dogs and does all of the health testing along with puppy culture. Truly the best